A Transformative Force:The Emergence of Komeito as a Driver of Japanese Politics

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出版社 第三文明社
作者 Masaru Sato
発行形態  書籍
最終巻発売日  2017年03月17日
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The Komeito(“clean government”)party most certainly plays a vital role in Japanese politics. When contemplating present-day politics and forecasting the future, what the author takes most seriously into consideration are the activities of the Komeito Party and its supporting lay Buddhist organization, the Soka Gakkai. He could go so far as to say that as long as we observe the moves of Komeito and Soka Gakkai, we will understand political trends. His intention in this book is to analyze the party's official history, “The Fifty-year Chronicle of Komeito: With the People” in order to demonstrate the reality that Komeito members, adhering to worthy values, are greatly transforming the destiny of Japan and the world through their work in politics.


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